Didi and GAC Aion Partner to Deliver Mass-Produced Robotaxis by 2025

Didi and GAC Aion Partner to Deliver Mass-Produced Robotaxis by 2025 Apr/09/2024

In a pioneering effort poised to reshape urban mobility, Didi, the alternative taxi service, in collaboration with electric car manufacturer GAC Aion, has announced plans to commence mass production of robotaxis by 2025 through their joint venture, Andi. This initiative marks a significant milestone as Andi becomes the first entity in China licensed for the mass production of fully autonomous electric taxis, merging Aion's expertise in vehicle manufacturing with Didi's cutting-edge autonomous driving technology. The venture is set to debut a crossover sports electric car model equipped with level-four self-driving capabilities, enabling operation without human intervention in specific conditions. This development underscores the rapid evolution within the autonomous vehicle sector and positions Andi at the forefront of the robotaxi innovation wave, challenging contemporaries and catalyzing a shift towards driverless public transportation solutions. This announcement comes in the wake of Tesla's revelation of its robotaxi ambitions, signifying intensifying competition and innovation within the autonomous driving landscape, with implications for the future of mobility and urban transport. Chart below shows China's automobile exports from 2021 to 2023 (in millions of units).