Coca-Cola Files Trademark Application for DASANI in Beverage Category


On September 13, The Coca-Cola Company submitted a trademark application for the term "DASANI," specifically within class 32, which covers various types of water beverages including drinking, bottled, and flavored waters. The trademark is distinguished by its stylized rendition of the word "DASANI." The chart below shows the distribution of all classes for The Coca-Cola Company.

Nike and Feng Chen Wang Unveil Collaborative Sportswear Collection


Nike has teamed up with Chinese fashion label Feng Chen Wang for an innovative sportswear collection, set to launch globally on September 28. Merging traditional and athletic design elements, the collection showcases both brands' commitment to redefining sportswear. A standout piece, the Transform Jacket, embodies Feng Chen Wang’s philosophy of minimalist versatility, featuring removable components that allow over 30 different wearing configurations. Designer Feng Chen Wang emphasizes that the collection is designed for inclusivity and adaptability, catering to individuals of all genders, ages, and body types. The collection will be available on Feng Chen Wang's website, SNKRS, and select Nike Retailers.

Disney Doubles Down on Theme Parks Amid Disney+ Struggles


The Walt Disney Company plans to invest $60 billion in its theme parks over the next decade, doubling down on a segment that has seen 6% annual growth since 2017 and contributed $32 billion in operating profit in the past year. This aggressive investment comes as a strategy to offset the slower profitability of their Disney+ streaming service, expected to turn a profit next year. The decision follows the business disruptions caused by the 2020 pandemic and a noticeable decline in attendance at their Orlando, Florida park, even as other global entertainment venues experience a surge in visitors. The chart below shows the class distribution of overall trademark publications by Disney Group.

Amazon and Alibaba Make Significant Advances in Carbon Capture and AI


Amazon is taking a monumental step in carbon capture by funding the largest airborne carbon extraction facility in Texas, committing to purchase 250,000 tonnes of captured CO2 by 2025. Meanwhile, Alibaba has received regulatory approval in China for its Tongyi Qianwen AI model, aimed at question-based data analytics and set to be integrated across the company's business applications. These developments come as both the U.S. and China intensify their focus on environmental and technological advancements, with the U.S. Department of Energy allocating $3.5 billion to carbon capture technology and China bolstering its AI capabilities for global competition. The bar chart below shows the number of trademark publications filed from US and Chinese companies as of September 14, 2023.