Mercedes-Benz Confronts Trademark Dispute Over 'STRIAD'

Mercedes-Benz Confronts Trademark Dispute Over 'STRIAD' Jan/22/2024

Mercedes-Benz Group AG has initiated a trademark opposition against Ryan Krause's application for the 'STRIAD' mark, filed on February 16, 2023, under class 41 for music production services. The automotive giant contends that the 'STRIAD' trademark, characterized by its stylized font and an accompanying 3-D infinity triangle design, bears resemblance to its own series of figurative trademarks, which are based on the iconic and widely recognized Mercedes logo. This legal move by Mercedes-Benz underscores the company's proactive stance in safeguarding its brand identity and intellectual property, particularly in relation to its legendary logo which holds substantial market value and recognition globally. Visualizations below show a comparison of three Mercedes figurative trademarks with the opposed trademark 'STRIAD'.