Monterey Bay Aquarium's Rebrand: A New Wave of Identity by Pentagram

Monterey Bay Aquarium's Rebrand: A New Wave of Identity by Pentagram Mar/22/2024

With a brand identity conceived by the legendary design firm Pentagram, the Monterey Bay Aquarium marries tradition with forward-thinking design to celebrate its 40th anniversary. Led by Partner Abbott Miller, this rebranding effort seamlessly revises the Aquarium's visual identity, ensuring unity across various brand touchpoints, including print, digital, environmental graphics, merchandise, and social media presence. The update centers around the beloved kelp symbol, an integral part of the Aquarium's identity since it opened in 1984, now redrawn to enhance scalability and flexibility across the brand's visual system. Accompanied by a carefully chosen color palette that extends beyond traditional oceanic colors and sophisticated yet approachable typography, the refresh honors the Aquarium's legacy while steering it towards a vibrant future. Collaboration with typographers Peter Bil’ak and Nikola Djurek of Typotheque, and illustrator Yehrin Tong, has resulted in a dynamic brand expression that embodies the Aquarium's mission to connect people with the living ocean, showcasing the wonder and biodiversity of marine life through a meticulously crafted brand identity. This strategic rebrand celebrates the Aquarium's past achievements and aligns with its mission to inspire conservation of the ocean, demonstrating the powerful role of design in fostering connection and stewardship. This visualization showcases the Monterey Bay Aquarium's new rebranded logo, based on a registered figurative trademark.