Reddit's Reimagined Identity: A Fresh Chapter

Reddit's Reimagined Identity: A Fresh Chapter Dec/04/2023

Reddit, Inc. has embarked on a significant brand transformation, reflected in its recent US figurative trademark applications for entertainment and social networking services. In collaboration with Pentagram in 2022, Reddit sought a more unified, contemporary identity, retaining its signature friendliness and joy. The rebranding focuses on Reddit's unique traits: eclectic, different, absurd, and candid, positioning it as "the heart of the internet." Central to this overhaul is the mascot Snoo, now rendered in 3D to achieve iconic status, accompanied by emoji-like versions and a new core illustration style. A conversation bubble motif has been introduced, symbolizing Reddit’s focus on discussion threads, now a cornerstone of its visual identity. This motif extends to the custom typeface, Reddit Display, enhancing the brand's visual communication. The redesigned identity also includes dynamic motion elements and a refined color palette, balancing community expression with brand coherence. These changes collectively represent a new era for Reddit, embodying its unique brand attributes and equipping it to navigate its future confidently. The visualization below illustrates a new figurative trademark filed by Reddit Inc.