Ecommerce Platforms Monitoring

eCommerce Platforms Monitoring

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Why is eBay monitoring part of comprehensive brand protection.

With increase numbers of shops online, there is also trademark infringement risk by fraudulent sellers. It is impossible for trademark owners check each online eShop platform for potential infringement.
We provide reports for potential trademark infringement on eBay usually using someone's trademark on goods or services in a way that may confuse others about source or affiliation of those goods or services.

How to use report outputs according eBay VeRO Program ?

VeRO : Verified Rights Owner Program is project for intellectual property owners to report listings that infringe their intellectual property rights. You can see more about VeRO program here.

How reports helps ?

Worldwid-Trademarks reports helps if you are an intellectual property rights owner. If you - as trademark owner - think that results of report matches criteria for an item infringes your intellectual property right, you can follow a submit process known as Notice of Claimed Infringement through email

Why is Amazon monitoring part of comprehensive brand protection.

When you lose control of your inventory and other companies have access to your product, the Amazon Marketplace becomes a problematic channel. Amazon monitoring provides attention to all of the unauthorized sellers - the companies that a brand isn not affiliated with but finds ways to sell their products on Amazon.

How to use report outputs according Amazon Trademark Infringement Claims ?

If you are ignoring Amazon or the unauthorized sellers ripping off your product, then you have lost control of distribution. Worldwide-Trademarks reports disclose such unauthorize sellers and inform you if someone infringing Your Trademark. According outputs you can report the infringement to Amazon.

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