Domains Monitoring

Domains Monitoring

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Do I have to care about somebody using my brand in their internet domain ?

Yes, definitely! A domain containing your trademark may confuse your customers and severely damage your brand: Which one is the original internet domain and which one is fake? And: Where can I get the original products and who sells counterfeits?

Which internet domains can you find ?

We find all domains with international endings (such as .com, .net, .org etc.) as well as all domains with endings of the new gTLD program (such as .today, .who, .shop etc.). Domains with endings of countries are a bit more complicated because many countries keep their complete domain lists confidential. Nevertheless, we have already been able to reach agreement with many states, such as .at, .sk, .fr, and .uk. Find more detailed information here.(>> link to product site and automatically forwarded to detailed information)

Which internet domains do you show me ?

Your results include domains containing your search terms (trademark).

Can I find out which domains already contain my trademark ?

Yes, our system offers a complete list of all domains in the world as far as technically possible.

Do I only see domains that have recently been registered ?

Your personal account displays all domains containing your search term (trademark). Your report only includes all domains new since the previous report.

There are a lot of domains containing my trademark. How can I filter out the dangerous ones ?

Our system evaluates all domains and displays the most similar addresses. You decide which ones are the most dangerous.

Are there any domains Worldwide-Trademarks cannot find ?

Our system finds all domains with international endings (such as .com, .net etc.) as well as all domains with one of the many new endings (such as .berlin, .bayern etc.). Moreover, our system also finds domains with endings of many countries (such as .at, .fr, .co, .uk, .sk) but receiving a list of all domains is prohibited by law in some countries. We cannot display domains of such countries.

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