Mobile App for Designs



We provide mobile app for design similarity report.

Who is the target audience ?

The target audience is our paying customer who has ordered our monitoring service and registered through our website for regular reports.

What is the concept and purpose of Design Monitoring app?

Purpose of the app is provide alternative access to report results for our customers. Customers are design holders who can check similar design patterns ready for registration in official institution and, where appropriate, object to a registration based on such similarity.

How do users obtain an account ?

Customer/User obtain account via our website. Register here or Log In here. It offers notification of report updates, so the customer knows when new similarities have appeared.

What is push notification? How it works?

Push notification is a feature to make the announcement for any update related to your design. How it work? Simultaneously with gaining access to web services, the customer also has access to the mobile version of monitoring services, including push notifications.

What are the benefits of using our mobile application ?

Our app user interface is simple, easy to use and have features that give you access to relevant information about your design.

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